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I Love the following quote because; Everything in life, All Great accomplishments, were First THOUGHTS!


“Whatever the Mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve…”

Napoleon Hill


Secrets Of Protection understands that Success in Life comes from our ability to concentrate and focus our thoughts. It does not matter what our goal is: Health, Wealth, Personal Security, the First thing we must do in order to achieve Any goal in life is to use the power of our mind to Think about our goal, Believe in our goal and we can then Achieve our goal.

The ability we have to FOCUS the Power of our Minds like a Laser is the SECRET to attaining all of our Hopes, Dreams and Desires. Learning to concentrate and think about what you want in life is the Essential first step in achieving Any goal. Secrets Of Protection will provide you with outstanding information in the areas of: Health, Wealth and Personal Security

Hi, my name is Mike Maraziti and I started Secrets Of Protection for several reasons.


Secrets Of Protection has as its primary objective Health. If you have your health “THEY” say you have everything. Well that is only partly true. You must be Healthy and be in a Safe and Secure environment which is why we also focus on Personal Security (How To Protect Yourself, Super Protection, and Fundamental Basics Of Martial Arts). Once you have those two things, Health and Security, Wealth is a necessity considering you will need more money to carry you through your extended years of life. Now when you combine Health, Security and Wealth, THAT is what we consider SUCCESS!

Mike Maraziti, Founder of Secrets of Protection


A wise man once told me: “Health takes priority over Wealth as a necessity. If we are endowed with great Health we will need more wealth to carry us through our extended lifespan. If we do not have our Health, we will not need much wealth considering our life will be cut short”

My Personal Story:

I have fallen in the same trap that most people fall in once they start their career and a family. I have spent the last 30+ years of my life trading my Health for a limited amount of Wealth. I have always tried to stay active and in shape and every year it seems to get a little harder. I see people who use to be very active become sedentary, and loose their energy of youth. I seemed to be heading down the same path. You know, looking to retire but still wanting to be healthy and physically active enough to have fun. Seems like most people I was seeing even make it to retirement without any major illness or disease had no real energy left in their bodies to actually enjoy an active lifestyle in their retirement.


After you spend 10, 20, 30 years supporting your family, raising your children you may wake up one day and realize that you can’t run as fast, or as far, as you use to. Possibly even walking up a few flights of stairs is actually a cardiovascular challenge for you. This is where your loss of Health smacks you in the face and you realize you have to focus on your own health Right Now before it is too late. The good news is that training with Grand Master Tsai and his Qi Body program you can gain back all your Health, Vigor, Energy, Stamina and your Youthful Vitality.

“The MIND directs the Qi (Life Force Energy)

in our Bodies.”

Grand Master Tsai

After years of training thousands of external Martial Artists, Grand Master Tsai has spent the last several years creating an Internal Black Belt lineage. Grand Master Tsai helps students develop their Qi, the unseen life force within us known as Internal Energy in Kung Fu. Traditional Martial Artists and non-Martial Artists alike seek out Grand Master Tsai to cultivate their internal energy. Traditional Martial Artists want to develop their Qi to produce explosive strikes at lightning speed. Non-Martial Artists commonly cultivate their Qi to improve their mental and physical health. Cultivating and enhancing your Qi helps to block out pain, enhance healing capabilities and restores Youthfulness.

We have all seen Martial Artists doing some almost Super-Human feats without getting hurt. The Martial Artist who punches through a stack of cement blocks uses his Internal Qi to protect his fist from damage. What about the person who lays on a bed of nails while someone smashes a cement block on that persons chest with a sledge hammer? That highly Trained Martial Artist lying on the bed of nails focuses his Body Qi to protect his body from being impaled onto the bed of nails.

Did you know that with the proper instruction, we can all learn this valuable skill to Build, Strengthen and Focus our Qi in order to enhance our Health and our Lives? Yes, you are 100% correct, we must use the Power of our MINDS to Enhance our Health. 


I was very fortunate to have crossed paths with this great man, Grand Master Tsai, who has helped me and countless others Regain Our Energy of Youth. While I was learning Qi Gong and building my Qi Energy, I had No Idea that this knowledge and skill would one day Save My LIFE! (Click here for my complete, Very Personal Story).


Through my meeting, association and partnership with Grand Master Tsai we are able to provide individuals information on Health such as: Qi Development and Qi Gong/Breath of Life. For additional information, and a free Breath training video, click here for Energize Yourself With Qi.


In addition, our other products focus on everyday Personal Security (click here for a Free Volume #1 of How To Protect Yourself and your loved ones and the sequel with more advanced techniques, Super Protection. It is imperative that we all learn how to stay Safe in an insecure world.

Secrets of Protection has additional training for those who want to progress further into Martial Arts, starting with Fundamental Basics Of Martial Arts. We also provide individuals the rare opportunity to learn the Secrets of Shaolin Kung Fu

Iron Palm/Steel Fist and Iron Vest Training.


“We can all learn how to protect ourselves, turn back the hands of time, stay healthy and recharge our bodies with Life Force Energy.”

  • 18th Generation Shaolin Mei Hua Qi Gong
  • Vice President of the USA Mei Hua Association
  • International Secretary General of Tsai’s Temple of Master Warriors
  • Inner Circle Member of Grand Master Tsai’s Masters of Mei Hua Qi Gong
  • Founder of Secrets Of Protection


To your Health, Wealth and Personal Security.



Mike Maraziti

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