Enhance Your Own Healing Energy


Will You agree that The MOST Important thing we do Everyday to stay alive is, BREATHE... ?

A short few minutes without this Vital element and we die. What if we could learn simple techniques to enhance our breathing an  increase the Oxygen flowing through our Bodies?  

Would You be interested?  

This is Exactly what the practice of Qi Gong (Breath Work) is about. Qi means “air, or energy flow”; Gong means “work”. This is an Ancient Chinese practice of Self Healing.


You can Easily Learn how to have More Energy, Vibrant Health and better Mental Focus. Become a Better YOU in 90 Days!


The Re-Birth, or bringing into the main stream news of Qi Gong, can be seen in today's Media and even in Prestigious Medical Schools.


Dr OZ says "IF YOU WANT TO LIVE TO BE 100, DO Ql GONG.” He says with the use of Qi Gong, we can tap into our Natural Energy to combat the aging process. 

Michael Roizem (Chief Wellness Officer at Cleveland Clinic) Says,"The magical property of Qi Gong is its ability to help you deal with the kind of stress that makes us age. Qi Gong helps slow aging at the cellular level”.

Practicing Qi Gong activates Acupuncture Points, Meridians, and Organ Systems, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. It promotes Balance of the Biological System.


Within 30 days, of simple practice you can cleanse your bodies from the inside OUT. Your Energy levels will be enhanced, while at the same time you will diminish physical pains and illnesses.  You will learn to: Strengthen Internal Organ Systems, Improve CardioPulmonary function, and Build Internal Power.

If you are currently unfamiliar with the term Qi Gong, here is a very brief description. 


Qi, (pronounced "chee,") is accepted in traditional Chinese culture as the Energy which gives life to all living beings. Qi Gong is an ancient energy boosting practice dating back more than 4,000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Medical Qi Gong is the Oldest of the four branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is the Energetic foundation from where Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Chinese Massage (tui na) originated.  Tai Chi, Yoga, Reiki, “Energy Healing”, Martial Qi Gong, Spiritual Qi Gong and other Oriental Healing Modalities all stem from the Original Medical Qi Gong root.

When balanced, Qi flows from cell to cell without difficulty, circulating evenly throughout the body. But this is often not the case in our modern society. With Qi blockages, or stagnant Qi, states of un-health can manifest in many ways including: stress, high blood pressure, poor circulation, cancer, pain and suffering

While contemporary medicine offers doctor visits and medication, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) offers an alternative healing based on proper Qi flow. The main focus of this Complementary Alternative Healing Art of Qi Gong is that your Energy Center (the Dan Tien), converts the air you breathe into Life Force Energy, Your Qi.


Easily learn how to connect with your Body’s own Healing Ability through simple body exercises.Your Body is the Finest Healing Machine ever designed, learn how to use it to its Fullest potential!


If you do a quick Google search you can see where Qi Gong is being used to: 

  • Balance Energy
  • Increase Longevity 
  • Turn back the hands of time/Anti-Aging 
  • Lose Weight 
  • Reduce Stress
  • Decrease Blood Pressure 
  • Improve your overall health
  • Restores Vitality
  • Tone and Strengthen your Body, Inside and Outside
  • Reduce, or totally Eliminate, chronic pain and suffering 
  • Help your body recuperate from disease, illness and surgery
  • Boost your Energy levels. No Caffeine, No Bull!
  • Clear and Sharpen your Mind! 
  • And the list goes on... 

Martial Artists use External Qi development so they can perform almost Super Natural feats of Strength, Speed, and Body Protection! For example: We have all seen brick breaking demonstrations or Martial Artists laying on a bed of nails while having a cement block on their chest smashed with a 10 lb sledge hammer.  It is their Qi that is protecting them from breaking their hands or being impaled on the nails!

Senior Master Jeff Organ breaking a stack of cement blocks

Senior Master Jeff Organ on a bed of Nails

Qi that External Martial Artists use to Protect themselves from injury is the same Qi that you and I can learn to develop and cultivate Internally so we can protect ourselves from Pain:

No needles, No drugs. 


Live a long Vibrant, Healthy, Pain Free Life.


Qi development can be focused Internally, to be used by everyday people like you and me, to enhance our Health and overall Vitality. This strong Internal Qi can also be summoned Externally in order to Protect Yourself or your Loved ones from physical harm or an attack.


Famous Engineer and Inventor, Nikola Tesla is quoted as saying:


    “If you want to find the Secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration.”


Here is a quick review of some of our Body Systems as an Analogy for Ql Flow:


 Everyone has a concept of our body's blood circulatory system. If a blockage of blood occurs, we know that's a bad thing!!


 No blood flow to the Heart, leads to a Heart Attack. No blood flow to the brain, results in a stroke. No blood flow to your pinky finger, and eventually it will need to be removed.


We all have a good idea about our body's Nervous System.


When we get a pinched nerve in our neck, we know we will have pain. If we have a pinched nerve in our back, that could result in back pain, Sciatica, and possible numbness and loss of feeling.



 A lesser known system is our body's Lymphatic System.


Without going into great detail we all are familiar with the Lymph Nodes in our neck that get swollen and painful when we get a cold or a flu. When the Lymph is Stagnant, or Blocked in the neck area, we have a sore/swollen throat.

Now, let's talk about Our Body's Qi System.


Just like our Blood, our Nerves, and our Lymph... Our Qi needs to circulate properly within our bodies. Qi actually has its own Circulatory Channels in our body called Meridians. When these channels become blocked with stagnant energy that's when the problems like Pain and Suffering start.


Through normal aging, illness, Dis-Ease, Stress, Accidents,Trauma, and just everyday life, we deplete our Qi “Energy” storage. 


We can easily learn to how Cultivate and  enhance our Qi, which will in turn give us more Energy to enjoy in our Daily life.


When Qi energy is Stagnant, or Blocked, pain and suffering appear. This is also when various Health Challenges appear. The good news is that we can learn how to un-block Stagnant/Unwanted Qi energy. Learn this Rarely seen Form of Qi Gong for Health and Wellness to relieve the pain and suffering.


We can all learn how to take charge and improve our Health and Well Being with this simple to learn "ANCIENT SECRET SCIENCE"! 


Let's face it....Health is the most important asset we have!! Our Health is Priority #1!


Would you like to learn how to live longer, be pain free and have the Energy of 20 Year old?


Watch the video below from Grand Master Tsai

Grand Master Tsai:

Energize Yourself with Qi

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