Fundamental Basics of Martial Arts

Fundamentals Basics of Martial Arts

This is a 5 part Series, taught by National Champion, Master Kenny Tsai, the son of Two Time World Champion, Grand Master Tsai.


You will receive World Class training from the comfort of your own home.


Watch the detailed demonstration of each technique on the 5 part video series and follow along with the 55+ page downloadable pdf Study Guide


People learn Martial Arts for reasons ranging from stress reduction, weight loss, fitness and self-defense. What ever your reason, you will be able to use the Fundamental Basics of Martial Arts to achieve that goal.


It does not matter if you are a person that wants nothing to do with Martial Arts and are just interested in exercise/weight loss. All you are concerned with is learning how to: Punch, Kick and Block like a PRO.


OR you could be interested in starting Martial Arts training and want to learn from the best!  You may be a Martial Artist working your way up  through the various Belts and want to "Get an Edge" on the competition.


OR you could be a Serious Black Belt, or beyond, and want to Crush your competition with your new found Skills. You know that studying the Secrets of a Two Time WORLD Champion is Information/Training/Instruction you would Never have Access to anyplace else​​.


Fundamental Basics of Martial Arts is for YOU!

1 - Secrets of Punching

Fundamental Striking Motions and Drills includes:

  • Punching Basics
  • Punch Drill for Speed
  • Building Penetration Power
  • Speed and Full Power Techniques
  • Practice Drills
  • Striking Down
  • Full Power Uppercut
  • Full Power Bear-claw and Hammer Fist
  • Tips and Drills

2 - Secrets of Blocking "Area"

Includes Instruction on:

  • Middle Block
  • Outside Middle Block
  • High Block
  • Inside Middle Block
  • Double Down Block
  • Circular Down Block
  • Application Demos
  • Protective Positions

3 - Secrets of Kicking

Fundamental Leg Motions and Drills includes:

  • Front Kick
  • Front Thrust Power
  • Side Thrust Kick
  • Stomp Thrust
  • Crescent and Reverse Crescent
  • Roundhouse
  • Secret Training Tips
  • Training Drills

4 - Secrets of Stances

Footwork Balance and Agility includes:

  • Shaolin Bow
  • Chambered Fist
  • Ready Position
  • Horse Stance
  • Cat Stance
  • Front Stance
  • Tiger Stance
  • Crossing Horse
  • Footwork Drills
  • Shifting Drills
  • Shuffling Drills

5 - Secrets of Warming Up and Stretching

Instruction includes:

  • Tan Tien Breathing
  • Warm up exercises for your: Neck and Shoulders
    • Chest:
    • -Double Elbow
    • -Double Back fist
    • -Legs
  • Butterfly and Reverse Butterfly
  • Sumo Stretch
  • Tiger Stretch
  • Splits:
    • Seated Split
    • 1/2 Split
    • Full Split
  • Tips-Pointers and Secrets
  • Side Leg Raiser
  • Crescent and Reverse Crescent

Fundamental Basics of

Martial Arts

  • Fundamental Basics of Martial Arts

    In this 5 part series you will learn The Shaolin Secrets of: Punching, Blocking, Kicking, Stances, plus Warm up and Stretching exercises.

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