How to Protect Yourself

How To Protect Yourself is Grand Master Tsai’s

Premier 2 Volume Personal Protection Video Training Series.​

What you'll learn:

  • How to Protect Yourself  from real life violent attacks - be confident that if you are attacked, you will be able to protect yourself and escape - not just defend yourself.

  • How to switch from negative "Victim Thinking" to "Protective Thinking"

  • Easy to Learn, Fight-Stopping Techniques:

    1 - Cobra Strike
    2 – Double Dragon
    3 – Tiger Mouth 

    4 – Phoenix Eye
    5 – Knife Hand
    6 – Dragon Snap Kick 

    7 – Dragon Tail Kick

  • The Complete Volume 1 training video from the wildly popular How To Protect Yourself Course.

  • Quick and easy steps that Grand Master Tsai will teach you that will make you feel safer and more confident even walking down the street at night alone.

  • You'll learn from a Grand Master, not someone who has just learned martial arts and wants to try out teaching on you. Grand Master Tsai has taught thousands of people including world champions.

Where to Hit

The Four Vital Areas






When to Hit

Be able to hit them first - before they can hit you






How to Hit

Use your personal Go Command






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